These are two of the questions I hear on a regular basis. So, I decided to create a blog post to hopefully answer those for you.


    Where do I find your photos?


    I have tried to organize my website to be as user friendly as possible. This is how it breaks down....


    When you visit you will find links to "Sports & Area Events", my "Portfolio", "Art & Other Things", this "Blog", how to "Contact" me and an "About" me page.



    All area sporting events, high school, youth etc., will be found in the "Sports & Area Events" link. Once on the page, you'll find links to the "School Sports" (high school & junior high) and "Youth Sports" (area little leagues and other youth sporting events). Photos are then broken down by sport and/or school/town. For example: You can find Adair Football by clicking on "Sports & Area Events", then "School Sports", then "Football" then by Adair.

Also a thing to note when looking for your favorite player, when two county teams play each other, photos will be found in the "home" schools area. For example when Adair plays at Chouteau, those images will be in Chouteau's folder.



    Also in the "Sports & Area Events" you'll find links to "Area Events". This is where you will find any and all area events I attend, such as Christmas Parades, Choir/Band concerts, races and events such as the "Mayes County Fair". If the event is large such as the fair, I will break photos down a bit more so they are easier to find. For the fair, I broke photos down by species. I will also do that for most tournaments for both "School Sports" and "Youth Sports". My goal is for parents to find any and all photos in the easiest way possible, sorting through the minimum amount of photos. Even by breaking them down, sometimes the minimum is a few hundred photos.



   Lastly in the "Sports & Area Events" section you'll find a link for the "Archives". Here you'll find the last few years of archives.



   I don't ONLY photograph events and sports in Mayes County. You'll find my portrait work in the "Portfolio" portion of my website. I photograph family portraits, seniors, engagement, babies and weddings.



   Once in a while I have the opportunity to photograph something besides people. You'll find some landscape and art work in the "Art & Other Things" section of my website.


   There is also a search function on my website. You can search by event, town or school name etc. and image galleries will be gathered for you.


   What does it cost?

    My prices vary from sports and area events to portraits and even to my landscape and art images.


    Sporting and area events *currently start at $3 per 4x6, $6.50 per 5x7 & $11.50 per 8x10. I also have larger prints available and other products including standouts, canvas prints, statuettes and wall clings, just to name ONLY a few.


    Photos and products are printed at my professional lab and shipped straight to you, the customer. Usually most of my customers are surprised how quickly they get their prints, most receive them within a week or less.


   I have packages and session fees for families, babies first year, seniors, engagement and weddings. Contact me for more details on those prices.


   How do I order my photos?

   There are many ways to select photos you are wishing to purchase. My site has the ability for you to mark your favorites and they now can be saved for later. This does require you to set up an account. You can click a "buy" button from your "favorites" page (it should be toward the top middle of the page). You can also select photos and click on the "buy" button without having to create a favorites list, by clicking on any photo you wish to purchase. The "buy" button is located on the top right above the "featured products," or by "hovering" over the photo and clicking on the menu (left of the photo). However route you choose to initiate a purchase, you'll be able to select products, sizes and quantities after clicking the buy button. You can make changes in your cart before confirming the purchase. I review each purchase to make sure the quality will be adequate as well as confirm cropping of each image.


    Again photos and products are printed at my professional lab and shipped straight to you, the customer. Usually most of my customers are surprised how quickly they get their prints, most receive them within a week or less.


     Many of asked about the logo on the photos you see online. Each and every photo is copyrighted by Kristy Troyer Photography. The logo you see online protects that copyright and helps people from "stealing" my images. I do love to see that you enjoy my images as they are made into facebook and twitter profile photos and shared on both social media sites, but please go purchase the images as well. When they are purchased and printed at my professional lab, the logo will not be there. The copyright remains in tact though and will be enforced. I do my best to keep my prices low so that my customers can purchase as many memories as possible. If you'd like additional copies, please continue to support your favorite local photographer and purchase them from me, any other copying (ie scanning and printing, attempting to copy at walmart/walgreens/etc.) is illegal.


    Digital files are available for purchase per file online. You will be provided a link for download once the sale is complete. I also offer "Season Passes" that include all images taken per player, per season. Please contact me for further details.


    If you have any other questions, please send me a message on facebook or shoot me an email.


    Occasionally I will announce specials and sales on my facebook page. Please be sure to like the page. In addition to make sure my announcements, make sure you "get notifications" and interact with my page. The more you do these things, the more likely you'll see all the exciting announcements.


    Why do I do what I do?


    Because I love to do it. I've had a camera in hand since I was a little girl, thanks to my grandmother. I love looking at old photographs. Photographs capture a memory for a lifetime. Well, they can if you get them PRINTED!


    Why do I say that?


     My grandmother has a 100 year old print of a family member. In that 100 years, there have been many other medias invented and used for data and photographic storage. Anyone still have 3.5 floppy drives with photos on them? I do, but I don't have a reader to bring those files up. The CD has been replaced by the DVD, to be replaced by the thumb drive or external hard drive. I can't stress enough just how important it is to print out those images that matter to you, that way the memory truly does last a lifetime. Medias change, computers and hard drives crash. It's painful to loose those memories.


   I do what I do so parents can enjoy the game and support their kiddos in the most important way they can.


   I am able to continue what I do, because you, Mayes County continue to support me. I hope you keep doing so. Don't just post those links and images on facebook, go check out my site and buy that lifetime memory of your favorite kiddo.


   If you haven't taken the opportunity to get family portraits done, don't wait! Don't use excuses. We may or may not loose those extra pounds.  Save a little money here and there and invest in a great photographer and get those images. We are never promised tomorrow, and those memories in photographs will be for your family to remember.



*Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Shipping & Handling charges also are applied at time of ordering.





   Please take note, all images printed, posted to facebook, online and to this blog are copyrighted images of Kristy Troyer Photography. Copying of images, even after purchasing a print, is in violation of that copyright. Any images by Kristy Troyer Photography in print or digital format may not be used for any promotion, application and/or contest of any kind without express written permission of Kristy Troyer Photography.