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Oklahoma Skies

March 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I'm guilty of not ALWAYS getting the professional camera equipment out. I use my cell phone for a LOT of photos of my own kid and once in a while to capture the wonders of the Oklahoma Skies. I forgo the pro equipment for a variety of reasons. When it comes to my son, it's sometimes just easier and quicker for that snapshot to use the good ole iphone. There are times that I see the sky and don't have the big camera on me, like when checking cows. Once in a while the camera is in the back seat and things are happening to fast to park, reach around and get it all out.

Then last week, I was in a rush to leave my full time job so I could get things prepped and off to my son's music program. A roll cloud was rolling through over my boss' house. The sun was in the exact right position, as was the cloud. You would be surprised how fast both move when you're trying to set up a shot. The sun alone moves and the light changes every minute. I took a shot with my cell phone as I was loading up in the truck, posted it to my personal facebook page, instagram and twitter. It started getting attention, being retweeted, liked and shared. I can't track as well on my personal page so I posted the photo to my photography facebook page after returning home from my son's program. It's the most "viral" any of my photos have gone, seen and/or shared by well over 50,000 people, and even shared on a Mississippi news station. I REALLY wish I could have set up the shot with my pro camera, but other events were a priority and didn't allow that to happen.



Here's a few others I've taken lately. Sometimes, well all time time really, it's not the how good the camera really is, it's how you use it.



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